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    What needs to be done:
    - Be able to remove post
    - Be able to edit post
    - Fix synonyms
    - Easier way to index images
    - mobile friendly
    - Make votes more important
    - profile information
    - linking of images
    - Be able to not submit source
    - notifications
    - custom colors on profile
    - Be able to interract with tags on posts
    - Show views, upvotes and comments on thumbnails
    - View mode
    - User voting for weekly tag boost
    - Multiple tag votes makes them "appear" first. this should not happen!

    - remove/move title
    - Show only tags on front page
    - infinite scrolling
    - settings for cover/contain
    - Allow 3D renders, but disable visibility by default
    - Require auth to see R18 .jpg images (php instead of nginx?)
    - be able to submit reworks/edits
    - Backup of database (script)
    - That slider underneeth... doesn't work on mobile................
    - Show results EVEN if images does not match tags (should function)
    - avoid identical images
    - Avoid spam comments/api calls

    Motivation is totally unreliable. My life improved dramatically once I realized that I can't wait for motivation to strike before I take action. Motivation comes at 2 a.m. when you're trying to sleep and is gone by the time you wake up. You won't get anywhere relying on motivation.

    ... Take imperfect action.

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